Spend with Maybank Credit Card to earn TreatsPoints, and redeem your TreatsPoints for a wide range of rewards items





Earn up to 12x TreatsPoints with Maybank Credit Card. Redeem your TreatsPoints for a wide range of items that include Air Mileages, Cash Voucher, Corporate merchandise and many more.

Cardholders of the following credit cards are eligible to participate in this TreatsPoints reward programme:

- Maybank American Express Gold Credit Card

- Maybank American Express Platinum Credit Card

- Maybank Visa Gold Credit Card

- Maybank Visa Platinum Credit Card

TreatsPoints rate differs for individual card types as illustrated in below table:

Term Gold
American Express Visa American Express Visa

TreatsPoints (TP)

6PT 3TP 12TP 6TP


Earn extra TreatsPoints for the purchasing Weaving Products under Maybank Women Eco Weavers Programme or our partner, ColorSilk.

Term Gold
American Express Visa American Express Visa

TreatsPoints (TP)

8PT 5PT 14TP 8TP

*TP rate illustrated in the table is applicable to every USD1.00 spent in each transaction.
**TP reward is unlimited (more spend, more reward)

How to Redeem

  • TreatsPoints ('TP') will be rewarded with a minimum of USD1.00 spent in a transaction made with an eligible credit card, and the TreatsPoints accumulated from each transaction will be reflected in the credit card account after the merchant settlement of each transaction. TreatsPoints balance can be viewed via Maybank2u KH app.
  • TreatsPoints shall be calculated based on a rate determined by Maybank (“the Bank”) at its sole and absolute discretion.
  • Maybank reserves the right to change the TreatsPoints reward rate from time to time with prior notice to Cardholders on Maybank website or in any other method deem fit.
  • TreatsPoints redemption can made by visiting the nearest Maybank branches, by completing the redemption form, or contact Maybank Customer Service at +855 98 888 028 / +855 99 888 028 to process the redemption.
  • Once the redemption form is received by Maybank, it is STRICTLY CANNOT be revoked, cancelled, returned or exchanged.
  • TreatsPoints will have 3 years expiration period. TreatsPoints earned in a particular month are valid until the end of third (3rd) year of the calendar month. Please find below table for example depicting the accumulated TreatsPoints and the applicable expiry date:
    Term TreatsPoints Accumulation
    TreatPoints Expiry


    1 May 2023 to 31 May 2023 31 May 2026


    1 Jun 2023 to 30 Jun 2023 30 Jun 2027


    1 July 2025 to July 2025 31 July 2023
  • All TreatsPoints (TP) should be redeem prior to the expiry date. There will not be an extension period given to any expired TreatsPoints (TP).