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Amanjaya Pancam Hotel

Up to 15% at Amanjaya Pancam Hotel

Anaya Resort Koh Rong

10% OFF at Anaya Resort Koh Rong

Angkor City View Hotel

10% on room and accommodation


Up to 8% OFF at BYSI

Bayon Modern

8% OFF at Bayon Modern

Central Hospital

5% OFF at Central Hospital

Chea Leang Heng Dental Clinic

20% OFF at Chea Leang Heng Dental Clinic

Grand Yamato Tepanyaki Restaurant

10% OFF at Grand Yamato Tepanyaki Restaurant

Hotel Cambodiana

Up to 15% at Hotel Combodiana

Khema International Polyclinic

10% OFF at Khema International Polyclinic

Lynnaya Angkor Resort

10% OFF at Lynnaya Angkor Resort

Memoire Palace Resort & Spa

15% OFF at Memoire Palace Resort & Spa

Memoire Siem Reap Hotel

Up to 15% OFF at Memoire Siem Reap Hotel

Neth Socheata Hotel

15% OFF at Neth Socheata Hotel

Okay Boutique

15% OFF at Okay Boutique


10% OFF on room rate at Onederz

Owndays Cambodia

10% OFF at Owndays Cambodia

Phsar Leu Bakery

10% OFF at Phsar Leu Bakery

Roku Japanese Restaurant

Save up to 20% at Roku Japanese Restaurant

Roomchang Dental Hospital

10% OFF at Roomchang Dental Hospital

Royal Angkor Hospital

10% OFF at Royal Angkor Hospital

SHER-E-PUNJAB Restaurant

10% OFF at SHER-E-PUNJAB Restaurant

Sabara Angkor Resort & Spa

15% OFF at Sabara Angkor Resort and Spa

Soup Kor Khmer

10% OFF at Soup Kor Khmer

Tamu Bungalows Koh Rong

10% OFF at Tamu Bungalows Koh Rong

Amber Angkor Villa Hotel And Spa

Up to 20% OFF at Amber Angkor Villa Hotel And Spa

Angkor (Kampuchea) Dental Clinic

Up to 20% OFF at Angkor (Kampuchea) Dental Clinic

Le Moon Restaurant

Up to 15% at Le Moon Restaurant

Meta Children's Eyes Clinic

10% OFF at Meta Children's Eyes Clinic

Rene-Cell Beauty Clinic

Discount 10% on product and clinic service

Roku Japanese Restaurant

Save up to 20% at Roku Japanese Restaurant

Singapore Medical Center

Up to 15% OFF at Singapore Medical Center

Totachi Empire Car Care

20% OFF at Totachi Empire Car Care

You Eng Hotel

Save up to 15% using Maybank and AMEX Cards

The Hideout Barista & Lounge

Get 10% discount on all food and beverages

First Optic

Up to 25% at First Optic

Green Suki Soup

8% OFF at Green Suki Soup

Khmer Taste Restaurant

5% OFF at Khmer Taste Restaurant

Mega Dental Clinic Co., Ltd

10% OFF at Mega Dental Clinic Co., Ltd


10% OFF at Tavern Siem Reap

Memoire D'Angkor Boutique Hotel

15% OFF at Memoire D'Angkor Boutique Hotel

Global Art Cambodia

Save up to 10% at Global Art Cambodia

Taprum Clinic

10% OFF at Life Care Clinic

Try Youleang Dental Clinic

Up to 50% OFF at Try Youleang Dental Clinic

Kin Bun House

15% OFF at KIN Bun House

Lysreyvyna Clinic

Special Savings up to 20% at Lysreyvyna Clinic

Mahob Khmer Cuisine

10% OFF at Mahob Khmer Cuisine

Phnom Penh Katari Hotel

10% OFF at Phnom Penh Katari Hotel

Sakura Recycle Shop Japan

10% OFF at Sakura Recycle Shop Japan

Sing Rithireth II Clinic

5% OFF at Sing Rithireth II Clinic

Sun SengHong

Up to 4% OFF at Sun SengHong

Jordan Petra Dental Clinic

15% OFF at Jordan Petra Dental Clinic