Sending your hard earned money home has never been more secure and fast with Maybank. With various remittances options, sending money home to your loved ones cannot be any simpler. Send money home. Wherever home is.


Transfer Fee Charge
Inter-branch transfer USD2
Inter-bank transfer USD10
Banker’s cheque USD10


Fast and cost-effective way to send money overseas as TT uses authenticated message sent electronically to another Maybank Branch or a correspondent bank, instructing it to pay your beneficiary specified sum of money.

Telegraphic Transfer (TT) Fee Charge Cable
Inward 0.10% or Minimum USD10 Free
Outward (Individual)
Less than/equal USD 4,000 USD17 Free
More than USD 4,000 0.18% or Minimum USD10 USD20
Outward (Entity)
Any amount 0.18% or Minimum USD10 USD20


  • Short turnaround time of a few business days upon application (depending on currency, destination and banks involved)
  • Efficient – foreign beneficiary’s account is credited directly
  • Wide network of correspondent banks

Terms & Conditions apply.
All fee charges, terms and conditions are subject to change without prior notice.