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Enhance your career with the opportunities within Maybank Cambodia.

Community Financial Services encompasses our entire Consumer Banking segment, including business strategy & development, product development and management and consumer finance. Community Financial Services cover the main business lines of Deposits, Mortgage, Virtual Banking, Payments and many more. They focus on driving product and service innovations to further differentiate ourselves in the market.

Wholesale Banking services our SME, commercial and corporate clients in Cambodia. Wholesale Banking comprises of corporate/commercial banking, SME banking and transaction banking (trade finance) which manages loan origination, product development and management and customer relationship management to provide funding solutions for all these clients.

The Bank's entire sales and distribution network. It is through Channel Management that we reach out through our branches as well as other touch points, e.g. internet banking and ATMs, to serve the needs of the community. Channel Management helps our branches to meet their business targets, expanding our foot-prints at strategic locations through various touch points, manage channel programmes on a holistic basis, and help develop the skills of our branch staff through regular operational training programmes.

Serves as the foundation for all aspects of our business, from traditional financial accounting to advanced financial analytics, converting data into knowledge, and disseminating them to our various stakeholders. Finance & Strategy also develops Bank-level strategies, co-drive transformation initiatives as well as look into process improvements with business and support units. It is an integral business partner and enabler, ensuring that the Bank remains at the forefront of financial services in Cambodia.

Undertake corporate services and legal services role to ensure the Bank maintains high standards of corporate governance, as well provide advisory services on all legal matters affecting the business/operations and other support units. It also strategizes and implements the Bank's corporate communications role including marketing communications, public/media relations, publications, product promotions, event management, sponsorships and corporate sustainability/community support/corporate social responsibility programs. Corporate Affairs & Services is the brand guardian of the Bank, aims to protect and enhance the Bank's image, reputation and visibility through various initiatives that are designed to support Maybank's vision and mission. It also drives customer service strategy to enhance customer experience, satisfaction and engagement.

Maybank's human capital philosophy and practices are in line with world's best practices and formulated to meet the people needs of our business strategy, achieve our vision and exceed our corporate objectives. The infrastructure is built on a strong foundation comprising the right principles, people policies, and products that drive the right behaviors to create a high performance culture driven by our corporate values. We believe in nurturing our people to become the best they can be and achieve their goals for the organisation and in life.

Support Services provides overall support for our business pillars and support units to deliver best-in-class services across the Bank. It is a key business enabler covering support in the areas of Information Technology, Centralised Operations as well as Property and Security. It drives improvements in these key support areas to achieve the Bank's growth aspiration.

Credit Administration & Loan Management manages the entire loan documentation and execution process, as well as undertake proactive loan management role to monitor the Bank's asset quality, including loan recovery efforts. It is an integral business partner, ensuring that the Bank's asset quality is preserved.

The management of risk lies at the heart of Maybank's business. All of the Bank's activities involve the identification, measurement, evaluation, acceptance and management of a combination of risks. The Bank proactively manages the various risks posed by a rapidly changing business environment. These risks, which include credit risk, market risk, liquidity risk, reputational risk, business risk, strategic risk and operational risk, are systematically managed with the Bank's governance, infrastructure and tools. This role also facilitates and promotes the development of a Compliance Culture, which is conducive to minimizing regulatory risk of the bank and the resultant sanctions and reputational damage. Both departments provide the 2nd Line of Defence for the Bank.

As the 3rd Line of Defence for the Bank, whose task would be to independently conduct regular reviews of the Bank's operations and systems of internal control by performing regular reviews of the business processes to examine and evaluate the adequacy and efficiency of financial and operating controls and highlights significant risks and non compliance impacting the Bank. Where applicable, Internal Audit provides recommendations to improve on the effectiveness of our risk management, control and governance process.

How to apply?

  • Fresh graduates/final year students who are graduating in less than 6 months time with a Bachelor Degree of 3.0 GPA as minimum qualification
  • Active and has held leadership positions in extra-curricular activities
  • Strong communication and analytical skills
  • Critical thinking and problem-solving skills

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