Maybank Mobile Banking FAQs

  1. What is Maybank Mobile Banking and how do I gain access to it?

    Maybank Mobile Banking is an app for smartphone users to enjoy the convenience of our Internet Banking facility when on-the-go. It is the mobile version of M2U Internet Banking ( based within the ‘Maybank KH’ app.

    To use Maybank Mobile Banking, you need to be an existing Maybank account holder with access to M2U Internet Banking. Your M2U Internet Banking username and password also gives you access to Maybank Mobile Banking.

    If you’re not an existing Maybank customer, you can still use the loan calculator and QR code functions on the app.

  2. Where can I find the Maybank Mobile Banking app?

    Search for "Maybank KH" on Apple Store or Google Play™ and download the app for free.

  3. Can I sign up for Mobile Banking on the Maybank Mobile Banking app?

    This is a feature we are working on. Stay tuned for updates!

  4. Are there any charges for using Mobile Banking?

    Our Maybank Mobile Banking app is free to download. However, know that Maybank Mobile Banking requires a working internet connection; you might incur data charges.  

  5. Which mobile phone models are compatible with Maybank Mobile Banking app?

    Our Maybank Mobile Banking app is compatible with iPhone 4 and above, or any Android phone from version 4.0 onwards.

  6. What are the key services available on Maybank Mobile Banking?

    The following are key services available on Maybank Mobile Banking:

      • Account Information
        • View your account balance, account details, and transaction history
      • Cardless Withdrawal
        • Send money to any Cambodian mobile phone number through the Maybank Mobile Banking app, and the amount will be deducted from your Maybank Savings or Current Account. You do not need to know your payee’s account details.
        • The owner of the mobile phone number will be able to collect the money from an ATM using a Withdrawal Code and a Transaction Code.
      • Funds Transfer
        • Third Party Funds Transfer (within Maybank)
        • Interbank Funds Transfer (within Cambodia)
      • Payments
        • Payment (Local)
          • Bill Payment (ISP, School)
      • Latest Facebook and promotion feeds 
      • Augmented Reality Locator for Branches & ATMs
      • Promotions
      • QR Reader
      • Loan Calculator
  7. Is Maybank Mobile Banking secure?

    Yes. Maybank Mobile Banking comes with the same security features as M2U Internet Banking.

  8. Do I get signed out of Mobile Banking automatically when I close the app?

    Once the app is closed and killed in the background, you will be logged out of your account automatically. However, if you navigate to another app while multi-tasking and the app is still running in the background, you stay logged in.

  9. How long can I stay logged in through the Mobile Banking app?

    There is no limit on the amount of time you can stay logged in. However, if you remain inactive for more than 5 minutes, you will be logged out automatically.

  10. How do I log in to Maybank Mobile Banking?

    Log in with the same username and password you use for Maybank2U Internet Banking.

    If you are not an existing Maybank2U Internet Banking customer, use the app to locate the nearest branch and register over the counter.

  11. Do I need to inform the Bank if I change my mobile number?

    You are encouraged to update the Bank with your latest mobile number in order to receive the Transaction Authorization Code (TAC) via SMS. This is part of the required procedure to secure internet banking transactions.

  12. Do I need to use any particular mobile service provider?

    No, you can use any mobile service provide as long as you are able to receive TACs and SMS notifications. All you need is a compatible iPhone or Android phone with a working internet connection.