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Cash Management

Find out how Maybank provides you the online solutions for your cash management and to perform and monitor your trade activities online here.

What’s Maybank’s Cash Management?

Maybank’s Cash Management (Maybank2E) is a solution designed for corporate and business entities (for both borrowing and non-borrowing accounts) to better manage their cash and treasury functions which include payables, receivables and information reporting. With the introduction of the internet platform, clients are able to enjoy the convenience and flexibility of access to the services without having to be present at the bank.


  • Offers a broad spectrum of web-enabled cash management solutions i.e., information management, payables management, and receivables management.
  • Applies to both small businesses as well as large and multinational corporates.
  • View your entire Maybank’s portfolio (i.e. current accounts balances, loans, investments (fixed deposits and Maybank accounts details (MT940), all in a single snapshot.
  • Flexible transaction authorization via web or mobile devices with matrix request.
  • Meets security compliance criteria and approved by the central banks where RC is present


  • Multichannel: You can choose to view and transact anytime, anywhere via the device/operating system of your choice. RC is accessible via web-browsers, tablets and smartphones running on Android, iOS, Blackberry OS 10 and Windows Phone 8.
  • Multilingual: You can choose to access RC in the language of your choice. RC is available in seven languages i.e., English, Bahasa Malaysia, Bahasa Indonesia, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese.
  • Multi-Region: You will enjoy a consistent Cash Management experience across the region as RC supports cross-border connectivity and available in most major currencies.
  • Working Capital Positioning: You know your financial position instantly as RC automatically calculates your key ratios.
  • Information Management: You will get 24/7 instant access to a consolidated global dashboard view of your cash positions. Corporate treasurers can use this information to maximize your cash flow and make prompt financial decisions when required.
  • Payables Management: You can decide whether your payments are executed in real-time, batch or scheduled through our highly secured and efficient channels. You can keep your current accounting system as we are experienced in converting all types of payment file formats.
  • Receivables Management: You will enjoy easy account receivable reconciliation as we are able to provide you with timely and detailed reports. Our solutions help to reduce the need to visit our branches and eliminate a number of your manual processes.
  • Exchange rate: You can perform funds remittances to different currency accounts with competitive exchange rates.
  • Bakong Funds Transfer: You can make payments/transfer to other Bakong’s participating banks and financial institutions in real-time with lower cost.